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How we express ourselves 2020-21

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How We Organize Ourselves 2020-21

  How We Organize Ourselves Central Idea : - Many products go through a process of change before they are.                                                                          Lines of Inquiry:           ·           Origins of   products    Changes products go   through  Selection and distribution of products   Learner Profile: Risk-takers, Inquirer, Principled  Attitudes: Creativity, Independence, Commitment Concepts: Change, Connection, Responsibility The KG-II grade capped off their unit on How We organized Ourselves with the much-anticipated Inquiry Showcase. The Inquiry Showcase served as a culminating activity to our inquiry into the different forms of process. With much enthusiasm, our learners engaged in an interactive inquiry on change,  components and choice. Their investigation the process of products and responsibilities of a seller.  In the end, our learners move closer towards becoming curious, collaborative, and enthusiastic learners, while honing their research, thi